Petta Movie Review!

Monday January 14, 2019

Malik Streams Production & Distribution Worldwide Release..

As stated in the beginning credits "This film is dedicated to the ONE AND ONLY SUPERSTAR RAJINIKANTH", it was director #KarthikSubbarajhinting that the film is hand-made for the Superstar's persona! And so it was with his classic trademark laugh, humorous dialogues, fight sequences and body language! It somehow took the audience back to the 80's! Certain scenes also tease some of his famous films such as #Chandramukhi#Annamalai#Muthu#ApoorvaRaagangal and many more! His dialogue deliveries, romantic gestures and dance movement were highly appealing to the audience! Director Karthik Subbaraj who made such outstanding films with #Pizza#Jigarthandha#Iraivi and recently #Mercury but now made a 'mass' entertainer with a touch of his usual style. But did the film work? The film did carry Superstar Rajinikanth's remarkable persona throughout the film but it lack some enthusiasm in the screenplay to intrigued the audience with the 2 hours 52 minutes time frame. The film began well with Superstar's mass intro scene and it was well shot and directed, one of his best introduction to say the least. The first half mainly travelled between Kaali(Rajinikanth), Michael(#BobbySimha), Anwar(#SananthReddy), Anu(#MeghaAkash) and Mangalam(#Simran) while the second half travelled between the hero, Malik(#Sasikumar), Singaar Singh(#NawazuddinSiddiqui), Saro(#Trisha) and Jithu(#VijaySethupathi)! The first half was captivating with cute romance sequences with Superstar and Simran, ego clash between Superstar and Bobby Simha and the bond of Superstar with Sananth and Megha Akash! Each scene in the first half was interesting and the cinematography by #Tiiru was spectacular with the colors and angles, it had shades of what Mercury delivered! Simran after a long time manages to charm the audience with her beauty and performance! But felt that her character was not directly related to the story but only to show the romantic chemistry between the two veterans which was quite entertaining. The downside of the first half was the overly executed fight sequences but since the film narrating Kaali as a #BruceLee fan, we can't say much! The second half started with introduction of the backstory and interval cut was well written in the screenplay and executed on screen as well. Sadly it was not very convincing although drags the film length unnecessarily! The sentiments in the backstory was not well dealt with and leaving the audience with low emotions! #Sasikumar and #Trisha performance was fair due the lack of screen presence, so as #Mahendran and #GuruSomasundaram! Nawazuddin Siddiqui dubbing might be out of sync at times but the way he carried the role with his expressions and body language was superb! The post-backstory sequences became fairly engaging with the trio of Superstar, Vijay Sethupathi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui's screen presence. All three of them performed brilliantly! The faceoff between Superstar and Vijay Sethupathi is a treat for fans. Apart from the performance of the trio, the second half lacks some spark in the screenplay can make the audience disappointed! As we thought the film might be a led down in the second half but the climax scene was rather eye-catching and well executed reminds me of #Kabali's climax where the two gangs have a fierce encounter with blood shedding everywhere! The film ends with a huge twist in the tale with Rajinikanth's trademark smile indirectly giving a signing off gesture to his fans! The screenplay had not much to say but only the carry Superstar's persona all through the film with excellent performances from the multicast! Apart of the average screenplay, the two main heroes behind the screen was cinematographer #Tiiru and music composer #Anirudh who made the film so spectacular to watch. The art director's vision was extraordinary, the sets were stunning especially the climax set! Editor #VivekHarshan who edited #SeemaRaja made justice to the technical side, superbly cut and edited especially the introduction scene! Overall, Petta was not the usual #KarthikSubbaraj's affair where he gives maximum perfection to the content and screenplay but it did had shades of usual style yet the film mainly focuses on the One and Only Superstar Rajinikanth star power! There were not enough zest in the writing to make the film a wonder however we have to give credits to the technical team for setting a masterpiece of creativity led by Karthik Subbaraj's direction. After watching the film, felt that the 'muti-cast' was not necessary as some them were not utilize properly. Even Vijay Sethupathi role could have been more involved and happening but he was like a small insect going on about in the film but his performance was plaudable! Moreover, half of the cast from the first half went missing during the second half, it was like watching two separate film merged into one. As said, the film mainly focuses on Thalaivar's abilities rather than the film as itself!

Verdict: Worth watching for the extraordinary performance of Superstar Rajinikanth and the talented cast! Visually and musically appealing throughout the film but a poor writing in the second half was a huge led down to the film! The film is a Superstar's delight and a film made mainly for his fans!