'Kaala': Reactions to the Rajinikanth starrer on Twitter

Monday June 11, 2018

Rajinikanth’s gangster romantic drama ‘Kaala’ finally hit the theatres amid loud cheers and protests at the same time. The film that revolves around the messiah of the poor aka Karikaalan"Kaala" who loses his family and takes revenge against the oppressors, got a mixed response from the critics. Know what the movie goers are saying about the film on Twitter…

venkat prabhu

Whatta film! Loved it! @beemji proud of u da! What maturity! What making! What details! What grandeur! What performances! Whatta balance! According to me it’s ur best so far! love u! Techinacally brilliant! My pick @nanapatakarr and @thondankani


manoj prabakar@Im_ManojMJ



That scene where Kaala scolds Lenine for protesting ignoring the fundamentals and clarity of protests is a tight slap by @beemji to all those TN youngsters who take part of protest to look cool, trend on social media and create goddam memes.





Very important film especially in the current political environment we r living in. Kudos thozhar @beemji
Ur loyalty honesty & guts shall remain uncompromised & unshaken forever. Family & romance portions are awesome. Bridge fight astounding. Interrogation scene witty!!


Siddharth siddu@ItzSiddhu

The Minute details like Naming the company as MANU and having picture of Wangari Mathai in Zareenas house sends a message that everyone can keep these subtle touches in their films and show themselves as geniuses if they wanted to.Hoping to find out more of these touches.



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