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The Remarkable Achievements & Excellent Profile of Its Founder, Director Mr. Maraz

A man who does not just sit on a chair and dictate but once he gets involved in the production and every other aspect to accomplish his goals using his knowledge , experience and credibility in production, filming, editing, shooting, training and many others will prevail.

Mr. Maraz, and an 'out of box' thinker is quite well known, being one of the most recognized, experienced and a respected professional in the Malaysian Film Industry. He is a multi-talented creative director cum producer, who has proven his abilities through many projects by generating outstanding results. Mr. Maraz began his venture in his desired industry in the year of 1991 and still actively contributing to the film industry with his mind-blowing creations.

Well, listed below are his ever-successful assignments, which reserved a throne for him in the world of entertainment in Malaysia.

Mr. Maraz, is the first Malaysian who directed his local Malaysian Indian musical program Rhythm & Ragam with Ms. Kashturi (an accomplished actress in Tamil Cinema from India and she was also honoured as Ms Madras in India). Mr. Maraz received an M.G.R. award title "Kalaichelvar" best director for Rhythm & Ragam in 2001.

Mr. Maraz is the first Malaysian Indian who created a history by introducing the famous DJs Funky Shankar, Geetha, Priya and Maran who created new waves in the Tamil Radio station THR RAAGA in Malaysia. This has even influenced changes in the airwaves of India when Funky Shankar steps in as a VJ for Sun TV and Suria FM. The now renowned radio station owes much of its fame to the contribution of Mr. Maraz.

He also introduced and trained the famous THR Hindi Power DJ Susanna and other THR RAAGA DJs.

Bernama Tamil News on Astro Vaanavil

Mr. Maraz provided daily coverage of the entertainment and life style segments at 8 p.m for Bernama TAMIL News on Astro Vaanavil CH-201 as well.

As the Managing Director of Maras FM Digital, Mr. Maraz was awarded as the Emerging Indian Entrepreneur during the Evergreen Tamil New Year Night 2004. He achieved the award in the category of best advertising and best entertainment. The award was given by ICCIS (Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Selangor) and Indian.com.my and it was presented by Dato' S.Veerasingam, the Deputy Minister of Domestic Trades and Consumer Affairs.

Being in the field of Advertising and Entertainment in the recent 20 years Mr. Maraz did not just leave his mark in the local industry but also ventured and established businesses and networks in abroad.

He has successfully became a provider of original DVD cover designer and printing for all the Tamil hit movies for past 7 years for a renowned company called Ayngaran international U.K. ( A company that owns the most number of copyrights worldwide for Tamil Movies ) with its office in London and abroad.

Mr. Maraz who began his career as a director, cameraman and video editor has well established his repute in the advertising and INDIAN entertainment industry in 14 years.

The Salient Achievements
Now, one might wonder, being in the industry for 20 years and having two top rated programs in the country aired on the most viewed channel, what else has been achieved by this multi talented Creative Director & Producer . Well, listed below are his ever successful assignments, which reserved a throne for him in the world of entertainment in Malaysia.

Cameraman for Local Tamil Drama "Kann Pona Pokilai" and "Pasapidiyil" directed by the renowned director Devarani on a local television.

The first Malaysian Indian who produced Karaoke Tamil Songs in LCD & VHS titled "Sernthu Paadungal".

Throughout his career, one of the few things he has achieved in the local industry is being the 1st Malaysian Indian to produce Karaoke Tamil songs in LCD and VHS and also to produce the local entertainment in video format. He is a man with countless creative ideas and armed with his enthusiasm and perseverance he adds color and life in the world of advertising and INDIAN entertainment.

The first Indian in Malaysia who produced local entertainment in video format titled " MARAS VISION INDIAN ENTERTAINMENT VIDEO CHANNEL" launched by Datuk Subramaniam in KR Soma Hall on 10th July 1996. This videotape is marketed up to 7000 copies in Malaysia, 2000 copies in Singapore and 1000 copies overseas.

Producer, Director and cameraman for a musical program on TV3 for Deepavali titled "SWARNA DEEPAVALI". One of the special items was a dance performance by Bollywood famous superstar Shah Rukh Khan that was specially shot in Mumbai.

1999- 2001
Producer and Director for a 1-hour weekly entertainment program that aired a mix of Tamil and Hindi songs for a local television channel Metro Vision titled "Molly Bolly Hits".

Producer, Director and Cameraman for a musical program on a local television channel NTV7 for Deepavali titled "Deepa Taalam".

Producer and Director for a weekly 30 minute entertainment program aired only Hindi songs for a local television channel TV3 titled "Alagappas Bolly Hits" which was aired every Friday at 12.00 p.m. This program received very high ratings with over 1.4 million viewers.

Producer, Director and Cameraman for a 1-hour weekly entertainment program for NTV7 titled "Rhythm & Ragam" which was a well-known program amongst Malaysians. It was aired every Sunday at 2.30 p.m. there were over 800,000 viewers weekly for this program.

For Deepavali, Mr. Ravi Maraz produced "Rhythm & Ragam Deepavali Special". The speciality in this program was a Tamil dance performed by our local Malaysian singer Mas Idayu.

Producer, Director and Cameraman for a weekly entertainment program on TV3 titled "Lingams Mix" which aired every Monday at 12.30 p.m. This program had also received high ratings with over 700,000 viewers weekly.


Rhythm & Ragam
Made a comeback with new sponsorship, and also introduced local talents such as Geetha, Funky Shankar & Priya all whom gained fame through THR.fm Raaga today.

Oze Oomph
A TV program themed with the Bollywood concept and was hosted by the leading Malay movie artist Lin whom had also successfully captured many thousands viewers.

Sonali's Choice
Producer, Director and Cameraman for a weekly entertainment program on TV3 titled "Sonali's Choice" which was aired every Wednesday at 12.30 p.m. This program had received high ratings with over 600,000 viewers weekly.

RTM Minnal FM
Mr Maraz was an event manager & coordinator for 2006 New Year countdown shows "Kalakka Porathu Yaaru" by Minnal FM famous DJ, Maraz dancers, album arties Supreem and Hyperkanactices. It was held in Padang Chittie Klang. With the crowd of 25,000 people. Live on RTM Minnal fm. at 31-12-2005 11pm to 1am 1-1-2006.

Consignment by THR.fm.raaga
Producing radio programs on THR Raaga such as commercials, jingles and special programs such as Raaga CineMix, Unggal Choice & etc and also Dj's such as Shankar, Maran, Priya, Geetha were trained and molded from Maras Vision for THR.fm Raaga and this obviously denotes the credibility of Maras Fm Digital in accomplishing the consignment given by THR.fm. Raaga.

Vitees Choice
Producer and Director for a weekly entertainment program on TV3 titled "Vitees Choice" which was aired every Wednesday at 12.30 p.m. This program also received high ratings with over 600, 000 viewers weekly. He also introduced Saran for this segment.

Vitees Mix
A famous TV segment aired every Monday and was hosted by Sara, and the brainchild of Maras Vision.

Now Showing Intha Nimisham
Producer, Director and Cameraman for a weekly entertainment program on TV3 titled "Now Showing Intha Nimisham" which was aired every Thursday at 12.30 p.m. This program also received high ratings with more than 700,000 viewers weekly. He also introduced the famous VJ's Uma and Ranjini.

Paativaithiyam 4U
Producer, Director and Cameraman for a weekly entertainment program on TV3 titled "Paativaithiyam 4U" which was aired every Thursday at 12.00 p.m. This program had high ratings with more than 900,000 viewers weekly.
In 2003 he ventured into the telecommunication sector (animation and creative works) through a joint venture between his Maras dot biz Sdn Bhd and his Indian partner E.N. Vision.
In the same year in his capacity as an Application Service Provider (ASP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) he ventured into SMS Prepaid Portal and IDD/STD services. Now armed with his own server unit he is making inroads into this sector as well.

Emerging Indian Entrepreneur Award
The ICCIS (Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Selangor) in co-operation with Indian.com.my organized the Evergreen Tamil New Year Night 2004 to give recognition and honor to Malaysian Indian achievers in various business categories such as Advertising and Entertainment, Medicine, Shipping, Aviation, Artists, Timber, Palm Oil Trading and Transportation.
A special interview on Mr. Maraz's success in the entertainment industry was aired in a business segment on Astro.

Thaipoosam Mega Show
Mr. Maraz also organized a Thaipoosam non-stop mega show at Batu Caves. This show was staged using a track stage. This was the first entertainment company in Malaysia to ever use a track stage for a show. Pan Global sponsored this show. He also at this time released his own Record Label titled MARAS.

Merdeka Documentary
Mr. Maraz also showed his talent in editing by editing a 'Merdeka' documentary titled "Malaysiaku Gemilang" for Malaysia's 50th Merdeka celebration which was produced and directed by Dato' Mustapha for FINAS. The documentary which describe the development of Malaysia after 1957(after independent), was aired on 6/9/07 on the local television RTM 1.

Tamil Cinema 75th Anniversary Star Show in KL
This star studded mega star night show was a crowd puller as stars such as Vivek, Namitha, Radhika, Mumtaz, Shyam, Bharath, Reema Sen and more, who participated to celebrate the Tamil Cinema 75th anniversary in Malaysia. D' Cinema, Mr. Maraz took fully in charge of organizing the show successfully.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquired permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Billa starring Indian super star Ajit Kumar, Nayantara, Namitha and others. Mr. Maraz, fully took charge of this movie shootings in Malaysia. D' Cinema had the theatre release rights for Billa the movie in Malaysia.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquired permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Kuruvi starring Vijay, Trisha, Vivek, Suman and others including Malaysian artist Yogi B, MC Jazz and Dr Burn. The movie Kuruvi was a big hit among Malaysians.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquired permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Vedha. The movie has Arun Vijay and Sheela in the lead roles. Jayamala from Malaysia played the second heroine.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquiring permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Singgakutti. The movie stars Sivaji, Gowri Munjal.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquiring permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Flash. Starring great actor Mohanlal.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquiring permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Kick. These movie was then remake into the Tamil version called Thillalangadi. Starring actor Shyam, Illena and more.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquiring permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Prayanam mostly at KLIA for an airport setting. Starring actor Manchu Manoj and Harika in the lead.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquired permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Asal after the great success of movie 'Billa'. Asal- starring Ajith Kumar, Sameera Reddy, Bhavana and others.

We were the location advisers, artist suppliers and props suppliers. We were also responsible for acquired permission from the government in order to shoot the movie Thillalangadi starring Jayam Ravi, Tammanah, Shyam, Vadivelu and others. The movie Thillalangadi was a big hit among Malaysians.

A local Tamil movie produced by Mr. Maraz and directed by Ramesh, to be releasing soon.

Successfully took over Silver Screen Indian Entertainment magazine on January 2009. Silver Screen been in the market for 12 years, and since took over by Mr. Ravi Maraz, it has been distributed not only in Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Canada but to many other counties as well. Mr. Maraz is being successful with his aim to bring more Malaysian talents to international arena using his credibility, as one must agree. The magazine could be bought from any Indian bookshops and online as well. More info on the magazine could be found at http://www.maraz.us and http://www.m3mag.com.my


Sri Lanka Asian Mass Media Foundation is one such which turned a brand new page in the world of media by organizing the first-ever Asian Mass Media Awards 2010 held in grand style in Colombo on December 27, 2010. Proudly receiving the award was none other Mr. Maraz for the above title.

CHENNAI SANGATHI- Cine Quick Bites at THR Raaga
Produced quick updates on the Cinema Industry with Chennai Sangathi at THR Raaga Kalakkal Kaalai (Morning Breakfast Show). Aired daily weekdays at 7.35am and repeated again at 8.35am. This program received high ratings with over 30,000 driving listeners every morning. Began from 1st March 2010 and lasted successfully for a year, Chennai Sangathi was brought to you by Silver Screen magazine. It is quick bites on latest Kollywood entertainment news, interviews and gossips presented by Thusharaa.

Took a new venture with sponsor Shahnaz Hussain in producing and directing a 30mins latest updates program on Tamil Cinema at Astro Vellithirai (Ch 202), every Saturday 8.30pm called Pesum Padam. This program features movie trailers, stars interviews, movie/audio launchings from India and also local productions from Malaysia.

Artist Thusharaa was introduced by non-other than Mr. Maraz. Thusharaa was introduced through D' Cinema's Chennai Sangathi and Pesum Padam.

Vj Avantika was later on introduced early this year, who hosted everyone's favourite morning program, Chennai Sangathi.

A joined venture with THR Raaga by providing fresh entertaining news on stars, updates on upcoming movies, song teasers, movie trailers and much more for THR's official website with the courtesy of D' Cinema Silver Screen Magazine.

Now, for all Silver Screen readers, who are an iPad owner, don't miss the chance to read your favourite magazine during your choice of time and place, to stay hooked with Silver Screen's fresh yet entertaining news on your desired actor/actress, latest updates about upcoming movies, exciting local events, juicy Bitz sections, colourful amazing pictures of the stars and interesting cum educating articles to enhance knowledge. Silver Screen magazine looks great on the iPad's large screen and the navigation through the magazine works nicely.

Maraz proudly ventured into direction again with a drama titled 'Duplikate' for Astro Vaanavil Drama Producing Project. The drama was telecasted in Astro Vaanavil on 16&17 July 2011. The Astro Vaanavil funds RM50 000 to produce the drama and Ravi Maraz is one exceptional director who has captured Astro's attention with his well-spoken talent. A sweet treat for all Malaysians.

'Duplikate', solely directed by Maraz had stars such as Kisok, M. Logeswaran, Thusharaa, Vikki Subbo, Bobby Shree and others. Duplikate has come out brilliantly with mixture of love, comedy and suspense which received good responses from Vaanavil audiences.

'The Malaysian Indian Journey' is a book that literally illustrates the journey that has been undertaken by the people of Indian Origin. What makes it exceptional from other prints is that it solely covers achievers within a specific Malaysian community.

More precisely, this book showcases the significant achievement and contribution of personalities irrespective of their fields; be it Politics, Education, Economy, Sports, Civil, Entertainment and Social.

Proudly to acknowledge that Mr. Maraz has been featured in this particular 'The Malaysian Indian Journey' book in both first and second edition.



Another amazing team coming up with great changes in local movie industry. 'Thandhava', a movie produced by Maraz under the direction of Vassan which successfully hit screens in the month of January 28, 2012 to the fulfillment of enthusiast viewers waiting for a change in local movie goers' taste.

'Thandhava' has Malaysia's promising stars such as Vassan, KK Khana, Denesh, Rathna Gowri and a lot more from the list. This film features a particular song that got much publicized before showcasing the video clip called 'Arabu Kuthirai' which appeared first beating the rest in THR Raaga's Malaysian Top Ten Hits for continuously 3 times.

'Thandhava' is the first of Malaysian Tamil digital cinema movie under 2k format (2.35.1 ratio cinemascope) in 5.1 surround sound. Thandhava is pronounced as the first Malaysian cinema movie using the Qube Digital Cinema System by D`CINEMA SDN BHD


Maraz has always been a personality at the forefront of digital cinema technology and offers the most extensive product line in the Malaysian industry for various types of cinema screens from the compact and budget-friendly transformation.

24 July, 2012 marked another gigantic successful launch event by Maraz of D' Cinema of his venture into Qube Digital Cinema. Qube Digital Cinema System 2D & 3D Malaysia Grand Launch was honored by YB Senator Dato' Maglin Dennis D' Cruz, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Malaysia together with the strong support of FINAS by En. Mohd Naguib Razak, Chairman of FINAS.

D' Cinema Sdn Bhd is Malaysia's first and the only exclusive division of Qube Digital Cinema. D' Cinema Sdn Bhd founder, Mr. Maraz is well prepared to guide and educate all Malaysian film makers with the Qube 2D & 3D Digital Screening and Qube Mastering facilities.

D' Cinema Sdn Bhd aims to strengthen the standard of Malaysian film industry with Qube System in Malaysia; we can now make a change in Malaysian Film Industry to protect copyright and no piracy in future.

D' Cinema Sdn Bhd has full equipments package as well as complete post production film facilities now. You can now cut down 60% of film making cost with the help of D' Cinema Maraz.

Maraz's aim is to install Qube Digital Cinema System 2D & 3D up to 150 - 300 cinemas throughout nationwide Malaysia. As for now, more than 30 cinemas in Malaysia are using Qube Digital Cinema System and also to develop technical professionals revolving Qube Digital Cinema System.


'Sahaana' telemovie was solely directed and produced by Maraz. Starring Vassan, Devika, LOG, Shana, Bobby Shree, Sathish Rao, Thangamani, Ivarani, Kalpana Sundrajoo and more. 'Sahaana', a pure love story was featured on local channel RTM 2 for all audiences.


A brand new entertainment website TV by Mr. Maraz, consisting of Kollywood, Bollywood and Malaysian Indian cinema news updates. D'Cinema.tv excites its viewers with latest celebrity snapshots, shooting spots, cinema events/functions, movie trailers/teasers, stars' interview, artist's video clips and more. Stay tuned with D'Cinema.tv, bringing you a step closer with your favourite STARS. For more info, visit: www.maraz.tv

Vj Karishma was later on introduced during mid of year 2012, who hosted video interviews for D'Cinema.tv


TEH TARIK with Geethanjali G is a Malaysian talk show in Tamil. The show was highly influential, and many of its topics penetrated into the Malaysian entertainment and business consciousness. The host used the show as a platform to teach and inspire, providing viewers with a positive, uplifting experience by featuring artistes, personalities and plethora of public figures, compelling interviews, self-improvement segments, and philanthropic forays into Malaysian events.

It was a talk show where celebrities and personalities were ready to share their most intimate secrets and their first stop will be the host's couch to hit the headlines.

TEH TARIK with Geethanjali G was solely directed by Mr Maraz and produced under D'Cinema Sdn Bhd.

TEH TARIK with Geethanjali G featured on Astro Vaanavil CH 201, every Friday at 9.30 PM



Here comes another anticipated Malaysian Tamil movie of the year, 'Yennai Kollathey', from the magnificent combination of Maraz-Vassan multi-starrer after their successful venture of 'Thandhava'.

'Yennai Kollathey' has Malaysian stars such as Govind Singh S, Sasikumar, Sam, Devika Raghavakrishnan and Kristina Vinokree. Music by Tactmatic while lyrics are penned by Maney (Villanz).

This movie is written and directed by Vassan, while produced by Maraz from D' Cinema Sdn Bhd. 'Yennai Kollathey' will see its release as a Malaysian Tamil Digital Cinema Mastering (DCP) movie across Malaysian cinemas.

'Yennai Kollathey' movie to hit the cinema screens soon.

For in-depth information on DCP Mastering, our company welcomes you to browse D' Cinema Sdn Bhd official website at www.maraz.tv; or any inquiries kindly drop an e-mail to askmaraz@gmail.com or else please don't hesitate to contact Maraz HP/SMS: +6 016205756

Maraz is very enthusiast with his vision in bringing local talents in movie making and entertainment industry to international arena by being part of his productions and bringing quality output to the mass. His untiring efforts could be seen in his productions, and it's undeniable he's moving toward his vision indeed.

As an established Production House in Malaysia, Maras FM Digital also offers various other services and facilities listed below:

  • Film- to- Tape Transfer of audio/video
  • Conversion of Video Format to VCD & DVD
  • Film Processing
  •  Broad Design
  • Digital Effects Design
  • Complete Post Production
  • FINAS Licensing
  • Recording Studio
  • Rental of Video & Audio Equipment
  • Album Releases & FILM MAKING for cinemas

Being in the industry for years, Maras FM Digital understands the intricate and the chaotic nature of this industry with a constant need for improvement, and in order for you to climb this ladder successfully we are also offering other services like:

  • Creative Design & Consultation
  • Creative Video Editing
  • Visual Effects
  • Graphic Designing
  • 2D & 3D Animation DIGITAL EDITING (AVID)
  • Music Composition
  • Audio Mixing & Digitalize Recording Studio
  • Coordinating Shooting Location in Malaysia & abroad
  • HDV Digital Video & VIDEO transfer to Film
Utilizing the latest equipment, which includes, studio, recording rooms, dancing studios, a digital editing room and a list of services offered, our nationally recognized team would assist your project from inception to completion. Again, as the tagline is self-explanatory on how serious and committed we are in what we do.



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