“I have gone back to my first love with Tum Bin II” – Anubhav Sinha

Thursday November 17, 2016


 Anubhav Sinha is known more as the director of Shah Rukh Khan starrer Ra.One (2011). While that was definitely a high, he has taken a break from sci-fi and has made a romantic film this time around. “Romance has always been my first love,” he claims. “Though for some reason I stayed away from the genre ever since my debut film.” He has been associated with actioners like Dus and Cash after Tum Bin. “I wanted to explore different genres,” he reveals. “And in our industry one seldom gets that chance. I was lucky that even after making my debut with a romantic film, I was able to touch action and even sci-fi.”

He has worked with Sanjay Dutt and Abhishek Bachchan in Dus and also with Shah Rukh Khan so it must be bit of a U-turn for him to go back to newcomers for the sequel. Anubhav smiles and says it was indeed a gamble working with freshers Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal and Aashim Gulati. He felt like a debutant himself once more. “Yes, they are all newcomers. But the fun is to tap their potential and present it beautifully on screen. Also, I was able to wrap the film quickly in almost one schedule. This ease of access helped too,” he says.

The film was shot almost entirely in Scotland and Anubhav was surprised to find Indian families lining up to watch the filming process. He shot the film there for its picturesque locales and promises the viewers a never-seen-before view of Scotland. Another incentive was that the Scottish film commission offers a number of concessions and grants to entice filmmakers. “The weather was just perfect. I really enjoyed shooting there. There was no hassle, no stress whatsoever.” He refuses to divulge details about the film’s storyline, only revealing that while the film may have been named Tum Bin II, the treatment is totally different. “They have different plot points. The audience will get to see something new, something fresh,” he insists.

Music was the hallmark of Tum Bin and the sequel too boasts of some funky tracks. Teri fariyad, the late Jagjit Singh’s celebrated ghazal from the original, has been retained and Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice has been added to it. The rest of the music is by Ankit Tiwari. The director recently added a Punjabi number Ki kariye nachna aaonda nahin, sung by Neha Kakkar, Hardy Sandhu and Raftaar as he felt the film needed some spunk. He’s confident about the film and the only bugbear he fears is piracy. “I want to make sure my film is seen only in theatres. I don’t want the prints to be seen on people’s phones ever. I wish there was a way we as an industry could curb the piracy menace altogether,” he signs off.


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