'Raees' meets Raees!

Friday January 20, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan in and as 'Raees' is already creating waves with its trailer, songs, action-packed sequences and hard-hitting dialogues that have almost become an addition to masses' vocabulary at large!


SRK is already on a promotional spree for the much awaited film and he had a rather interesting encounter recently. The name 'Raees' has caught everyone's attention and the King Khan happened to meet eleven people named 'Raees'  at Mumbai's suburban 'Mehboob Studios.' The actor met 11 such real life Raees and interacted with them on the names itself and what each of them do in their lives.


He was pleased when each of the eleven people introduced themselves as 'Raees,' a name which seems to be on every cinema lover's mouth at present. There was an echo of sorts that was created with the repetition of the name and people present were actually amused with it!

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