Viswasam Movie Review!

Monday January 14, 2019

DMY Creation Worldwide Release..

The fourth combination between director #Siva and #Ajith after #Veeram#Vedhalam and #Vivegam! Once again returning back to a rural backdrop after their first venture, did #Viswasam stay loyal to its script? The film had a wafer-thin start with the usual 'hero buildup' where all the villages worship and gets frightened by him! The one positive element I can digest is #DImaan's captivating background score. Its the way of the writer narrating to the audience to guess "How he became a big shot in the village?"! But failed to elaborate further on but to narrate a love story during the backstory instead. One the few Tamil films that narrates a backstory during the first half, it started to become engaging. However tend to drag with the unnecessary 'Vettikattu' song which is only intended to satisfy the masses and some typical comic sequences. But the love chemistry between Ajith and #Nayanthara was something to look out and their performance manages to entertain the audience. Siva did a brilliant job in narration where he lets that audience to predict to outcome with the element of suspense during first half and slowly cuts back to backstory to narrate what really happened! Certain films, just a particular character can give an importance to a story and in this case the character is the daughter of Thookudurai(Ajith). #JagapathiBabu makes his entry at the end of first half like an ordinary antagonist showing treat to the protagonist and where he slams a punch dialogue to #JagapathiBabu, then cuts to interval! Somehow reminded me of #Bairavaa with the same treatment. After an array of mass commercial elements in the first half, the second half stands as a film alone and this is where director Siva spills out the emotions within the audience and the film starts to become soothing to watch. Where #Veeram was the subject of sibling sentiments, #Viswasam turns out to be daughter sentiment subject where Siva is best at! #Nayanthara showed a different shade in the second half and the role was probably hand-picked to her! Her body language, outlook was suited for her and what an engaging performance she gave. #Ajith's chemistry with the daughter was loving and admirable to watch with the hit song 'Kannana Kanney' song playing in the background will keep the audience at breeze in the cold dark theatre. Another aspect to appreciate from Siva's writing, he not only narrated the protagonist directly but also narrates the antagonist backstory as well which is Jagapathi Babu and his intentions. The second half manages to be engaging, emotional and intriguing apart from the draggy and unnecessary 'Adchithooku' song. The film was not the typical 'hero-villain and heroine' type of tale, instead a valuable heart shattering father-daughter tale! After a long time, actor #Vivekmanages to pull a laugh riot with his comic scenes with Ajith. As the second half made the film a winner but ended with an overly dramatic sequence in the climax. On the technical side, D Imaan's score made the film more appealing and blends through the emotions of the characters. Siva's usual cinematographer #Vetri shot were impressive especially the rural aerial shots and as well as colors used in the city shots. Editing by #Ruben was good. Overall, Viswasam fails to to entertain entirely but the emotions and narration within the characters were the plus points to make the film watchable.

Verdict: Worth a watch for the father-daughter sentiments, Ajith and Nayanthara's performance, captivating music and gripping visuals.