KL HIDUP - Amigoz Sugu & Appu ( AMIGOZ BROTHERS )

Friday June 19, 2020

Music : Amigoz Sugu Singers : Amigoz Sugu & Appu Lyrics : Amigoz Brothers Recorded at : AMZ StudioZ Produced by : AMZ Production Music Video Editing / Direction : Amigoz Sugu Director of Photography : Gurubalan Associate Dir & Colour : Amigoz Appu Production Manager : Saibaba Raman Tech Team : KaVindran / Swamynathan / Kabilan Actors : GP Kay / Seeni / Partyman / Saibaba / Yuwarajah and San Peng Flat Kaigal Special Thanks Datuk Rw Rajah Datuk Shafee Zaman Kepong Dato Suren Bigg Boss Club Rahasiyam Club KL GpKay Brothers KL Brothers Midnight Motorsports Kings Brotherhood Motorsports all the Media Friends and fellow artists each and eVery well wishers who have been supported us since the very first day. Thank you all and bless you all. and last but not least THANKS TO OUR IDOL AND SOUL , GREATEST PERSON WE HAVE EVER SEEN IN OUR ENTIRE LIFE , OUR FATHER MR.GP KRISHNAN.


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