Anitha Malaysian & Indian Model

Wednesday August 17, 2016

“Hello , I’m Anita mix blood of Chinese and Indian blood (chindian) and I’m 19 years old this talents are dancing and drawing. I used to be a belly dancer as a freelancer since I was 17 .I may not have a good fluency when it comes about speaking Tamil language as I was raised up to speak English and Bahasa Malaysia only but that will not stop me from achieving my goals to become a successful star in the future in the Indian industry. Its been my biggest dream since young to be one and I’m grateful to my family as they support me on what I would like to be .D’CINEMA .TV was introduced to me by my closest god brother and also few of my friends and after a few days I applied, I somehow managed to catch Mr Maraz attention .I’m glad and thankful to Mr Maraz for giving me this big opportunity to build up my carrier as a star by becoming a VJ host at #DCINEMA .TV first to gain more information about the Indian industry at the same time boosting my knowledge and improve my Tamil speaking fluency. Thank you Mr Maraz.”

New star ANITA photo-shoot taken by #MARAZ at D`Cinema studio

oh Manemeh song muzik by Selva from studio 

To those out there who have the same dream as me who wanted to be a star/model/VJ host /actress and more in the future and if you think you got the talent , confidence , passion to be one ,do try to apply.
You might be the next star in the industry. Goodluck