Wednesday January 18, 2017

Actor Suriya has already expressed his support for Jallikattu in his official social media page like many of his Kollywood colleagues. But now amid the wake of huge uprising of the Tamil Nadu youngsters to conduct the traditional bull-taming sport, the versatile star has sent out a detailed statement praising the genuine protest of youngsters for a common cause and expressing solidarity for the same. 

"The words Culture, Identity and History, were so far uttered by intellectuals and leaders only. Now Jallikattu has become the reason behind the common people, youngsters starting to speak about their Culture, Identity and History. I thank everyone who obtained the ban on Jallikattu and made the people to unite and struggle for public issues. 

Voluntary protests of the people will always be backed by genuine concerns. PETA which has successfully obtained the Court ban on Jallikattu which is being conducted in Tamil Nadu for centuries, by falsely projecting it as "cruelty to bulls", has been defeated in the People's Court. It is amusing to see those who support the efforts to eradicate local breeds of cattle claiming that Cattle are tortured in Jallikattu.